Investigating the Effects of Repeated Reading and NLP Language Patterns on Reading Rate

Published: 20171201

Journal: Studies in Humanities and Cultures

Organization: Nagoya City University

Author(s): Brian Cullen, Ben Backwell

Abstract: This paper investigates EFL student reading speed and describes a quasi-experimental study that attempted to quantify the effects of repeated reading and the use of NLP language patterns in the instructions. An experimental group (n=30) and a control group (n=30) carried out the same timed reading activity three times each lesson for five lessons. The instructions for the experimental group included NLP language patterns designed to promote faster reading. It was shown that the repeated reading is clearly correlated with gains in reading speed. With regard to the NLP language patterns, although there was an increase in mean reading speed, this was not shown to be statistically significant either within the lesson or over the course of the five lessons.

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