Effective Language Patterns in the Classroom

JALT2012 Conference Proceedings, p. 1-8. Japan Association For Language Teaching

Author(s): Brian Cullen, Brad Deacon, Sarah Mulvey, Ben Backwell

English Abstract: This paper begins with a discussion of the importance of teacher and student beliefs in the learning process. The main body of the paper offers practical suggestions on how to convey these beliefs to students through the usage of effective language patterns including Yes-Sets, modal operators, and embedded suggestions. Advice on delivering suggestions using analogue marking is also discussed. In order to quantify the effects of language pattern usage, a study was conducted and the results are reported in the second part of this paper. The paper concludes with a short summary of a research study, which was aimed at quantifying the benefits of these language patterns in the language learning process.

Japanese Abstract: この論文は学習過程における、先生・生徒の信念の重要性に関するディスカッションからスタートする。文の主体はそれら信念をイエス・セット、様相論理演算、埋め込み形の提言などを含む効果的な言語パターンを使い、生徒にどうやって伝達するかについて実践的な方法を提案する。アナログマーキングを用いた提言伝達のアドバイスについても言及されている。この論文は言語習得過程におけるこれらの言語パターンの利益を測定することを目的とした研究の手短な要約で結ばれて

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