Language Patterns for Motivating Students

Humanising Language Teaching 14, (6), p. 1-5. Pilgrims.

Author(s): Brian Cullen, Sarah Mulvey

Abstract: You probably remember a teacher who motivated you when you were in elementary school, high school, or university. When you think about that teacher again now, you may also be able to remember some of the powerful words that teacher used, words that motivated you to learn much faster and more easily than in other classes. As teachers, we are aware that students may be motivated or demotivated depending on which words and phrases we choose to use in the classroom. An effective teacher carefully uses words and language patterns that influence students positively in their learning. In this paper, we will provide some examples of language patterns that you can use in your own classroom to motivate students. Perhaps in many years, those words will still be resounding in the minds of your students as they continue to motivate themselves in learning and other important skills.

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